Download and saving frome this site? to unreal engine 4.7

(Christian Gonzalez00) #1

i was wondering first of all can i use this on unreal engine 4.7? and if so how do i save where do i place this folder models for use with the program and what type of models do they have to be to use in unreal engine and is their a way to change the type of model so its compatible with this program unreal engine? im a little slow so if you can break it down for me if you answer my question dont just write it has to be a blah blah type in order to be use with such engine o and i have no idea how to use this game maker programs at all so i wouldnt know where to begin with using this models, are this models animated and if not how can i animate them so i can use in unreal engine 4.7?



First, I have no experience with Unreal, but I can answer a few of your questions.

You can use models on Sketchfab if the author has enabled Download. See

The file format you download will be whatever format the author originally uploaded, and I don't know what is compatible with Unreal.

We do not have animated models yet. Animating them would require learning some kind of rigging, which I also don't have any experience with. Hopefully someone else here can help you more.

You can find some Unreal users here: