Download imported textures

(Zafio) #1


Is there any way to include imported textures (at the texture manager) in the download option ? or any other way to download uploaded textures?

I was dumb enough to delete a texture in my hard drive and now it only exist here smiley



The download feature includes only what you uploaded in the original package, but you can still access your other textures. The easiest way is probably to find the URL in the Network requests tab of the developer console.

(Zafio) #3

Thank you James! That was really helpful!

(Kryvian) #4

this ancient post has been godsent. for any future reference, enter 3D settings of said sketchfab model, press ctrl+shift+k to open the console (in Firefox), go to Network tab, I had to ctrl+F5 refresh the page so that I get all the entries, select your texture(s), right click, open in new tab, save, etc

again many thanks, sorry if I stirred up old dust, could not find this info anywhere else.