Download is very slow - network problem?

Hello, so I’ve been using and downloading assets from Sketchfab for a while now. and there I haven’t experienced any issue for a long time but for some reason It now downloads very slow.

It wasn’t like this before, I’m only downloading less than 100mb files and It takes 2-3 hours. when before It only takes up to 1 minute. My internet speed is around 200mbps so I’m not sure what the problem is. I’ve also tried using different computers in our house but it’s still the same.

If there is a solution to this please let me know, thank you!


Hey - can you share a link to the model you are trying to download pls? Thanks!

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It’s this one, but it happens with every model I try to downloa.

Hmmm - I just tried downloading the model myself and it only took ~7 seconds.

What is your connection speed + country location?

Hi it happens me too as well. I am having 100mbps but download speed is less than 100kbps


For me these is not particular model, every model is having same issue!!