Download model for offline usage?

Hey Guys,

I would like to find out, if it´s possible to download a model for offline usage. We will have a fair in a few weeks and would like to show some 3D models, but would like to skip this loading screen:

Thanks for your help!

If you can use Sketchfab offline i don’t know but you can use the realtime render eevee inside blender for that.
If you need help just let me know :slight_smile:

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We don’t have offline viewing support at this time.

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and is there any option to load only hd no low definition?

Yes; you can select the texture quality from the gear menu in the viewer:


Alternatively, you can also set the texture quality with the max_texture_size URL parameter, see Viewer API - Initialization - Sketchfab

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is this also then on Ipad available?

Its running on a web browser, so it will be almost the same on any OS


Yes, our iOS and Android apps have the same option. Did you try it?

no unfortunately not, do you have a manual or something like this how to use this code?

awesome thanks!

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You mean the URL parameter? I linked to the full documentation in my reply.

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hey bart no I mean how to use this code in principle

Sorry I don’t understand the question.