Download model in V3 API

(Solsnare) #1


I guess i have another question about the data API that would be really important on my next design decision.

I am using your service to upload models from our app and use Sketchfab as my middle man for viewing these models online.

However, being a small time developer, it would also be wonderful if i could "Download" instead of "View" the model, in order to not have to have my own data center that saves all these models (due to the nature of the models, they dont really even exceed 1 megabyte when compressed, but still, with hundreds of users all creating content and with our lack of funding, this could bankrupt us before we have made any money).

What I'm wondering then is, you fellers already send the model data everytime someone views do you not?
Would there be any real harm to providing the functionality of simply retrieving the model data to an endpoint?
if the harm could come in us somehow getting hacked, and then your API being destroyed by calls, im assuming either you can introduce "X" amount of pulls per month or per day?

This would save our life! And in return provide your site with a lot more traffic from our customers.

Would leave to hear what you think, i was also thinking about using your API for providing content for a sandbox game of sorts, i wonder if you have anything lined up for that sort of functionality?

- Sol.


Hi Sol,

While you do download the model data every time you load the model, it's a compressed OSG version specifically used by the viewer, not the original data. Your original data is never exposed unless you enable the actual Download option.

We plan to offer a download endpoint in the API in the future, that would allow you to fetch the original files, textures, and our transcoded glTF version.

(Ettao) #4

Hi, James, what's your ETA for glTF (or other format) model download API?



There is currently no ETA for the download API, but it's definitely on our todo list.

(Ludovic David) #6

Little bump because it’s a must have feature from my point of view.
Always on your todo list? Can we consult a roadmap somewhere?

(Mauricesvay) #7

@ldavid.ensiie Our roadmap is not public, but I can tell you that we are currently working on it. I can’t share an ETA though.

What would you need from an API to download model?

(Ludovic David) #8

First, thank you for your quick response.

Personally, I need at least a way to access gltf data.
It could be something like /models/:id/download/model.gltf or /models/:id/download/gltf that return the gltf file.

Another thing that can be really useful in MR (AR/VR) projects is a way to know if models are human-sized. We have the same problem with the poly api from google. Maybe a new metadata field?

Have a good day!

(Mauricesvay) #9

Hey @ldavid.ensiie

We plan to provide gltf.
What scale do you use for determining that a model is human-sized? 1 unit = 1 meter ?
Also, would you like to beta test the API when it’s available?

(Ludovic David) #10

I assume that 1unit = 1meter is the better way to start.
I will be glad to be a beta tester for this API when it’s available!