Download sketchfab model as single glb or gltf file

Hi, I was wondering how it would be possible to download a sketchfab model as a single glb or gltf file. When I download a model and chose gltf file format, it gives me a zip folder. I need to take all the textures and scene.bin and compress it into one sole glb or gltf file to use in my code. I’ve tried dropping the zip folder into a glb packer but none of them seem to be working. Is there something I’m missing? How would I be able to accomplish this?


At the moment we only generate the model as glTF + .bin (+ textures).

I’ve had success using this tool to combine them in to a single GLB file:

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Hi, I just tried it and it’s been saying processing for the last hour. Just want to check if I’m using this correctly. I downloaded a model and it’s now a folder called I dragged the entire zip file into the processor and wait for it to convert? Or do I unzip the zip file and drag the contents inside?

Never mind I just got it working thank you so much! I’ve been trying to solve this for ages!!

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