Download without textures

(Cryunreal) #1

Why all models downloads without textures?? After downloading i see only .obj files :confused:

(Bart) #2

It depends - if the model was originally uploaded with textures, then the download will contain them as well. If they're added to the model afterwards through our 3D editor, they're not part of the download.

(Cryunreal) #3

But upload model with all textures is impossible! Fbx does not have all textures channels, for example metalness or roughness...
And users can change textures after adding of 3d model.
Guys... :worried:


We plan to include editor-added textures in download in the future.

1) You can include all textures in the upload, just upload them together with the FBX and they will be available in 3D Settings and Download.

2) You can access textures from the browser resources because they are simply downloaded images.

(Cryunreal) #5

Thank you guys! I hope it will be soon))

(Gapc311) #6

Is the support coming for downloading textures anytime soon?

(Bart) #7

If you download the GLTF version of a model it will have the textures included.


Actually, this issue has been solved for original version downloads with textures added in 3D Settings, too.