Downloadable formats

is it possible to export my model to x3d file format, and download as x3d?

Hello @hoghoj1 , and welcome to Sketchfab :slight_smile:

“Sadly”, we do not support the x3d file format on Sketchfab…
The list of available file formats should probably help you to find another format that the software you use can export, and that is supported on Sketchfab.

If you do need to give access to a x3d file to the people downloading your model, you can include the .x3d file in a .zip or .rar archive, alongside the scene in a supported 3D format, and upload that archive:

    • yourfile.x3d
    • yourfile.obj

Sketchfab will process and display the supported file (in this example yourfile.obj), and users will still have access to the .x3d file when downloading the model.

Hope this can help !