Downloaded gltf file's animation not working properly

Hey everyone!
I recently uploaded this model:

When viewing in the browser, the animation works perfectly fine. But when i download the auto-generated .gltf file and try to open it, the animation isn’t working right. The .zip i uploaded contained

  • 2x .obj files (My 2 frames/meshes)
  • 2x .mtl files (Material)
  • 2x .png files (Texture)
  • 1x sketchfab.timeframe file for the animation.

I followed this tutorial btw: Sketchfab Community Blog - » Animating Voxels and Sketchfab Stop Motion
I really want a .gltf file so i can load it into my three.js project…
Does someone know what the problem is or what i could try to do?

Thanks for reporting! I was able to reproduce the issue and have passed it on to our 3D team.


Thanks Bart, I really appreciate it!

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Hey Bart!
I apologize for my impatience, but are there any news regarding my problem?
This is my first bug-report so i have no idea how long something like this usually takes to fix :sweat_smile:
Kind regards,

There’s no progress yet, sorry.

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Alright, thanks a lot for the update!

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Hey @bartv , it’s me again.
Again, i’m sorry for repeatedly asking for updates, but it has been 2 months now and i’d would be awesome to have a working animated model in the near future.
Do you have any news by chance?
Kind regards,

Hi @MayMax

Sorry for the delay, the ticket is in the todo list since then but it’s still waiting for its turn.
(It is planned for Q2 so we can hope to have this fixed during June. I’ll try to push it but with no guarantee :confused: )


So, uhh… It’s almost been a year now, and you guys still haven’t fixed this issue? I mean honestly at this point, i don’t even care anymore, i needed the (fixed) models last year lmao

Oh well, thanks anyways i guess