Downloaded gltf file's animation not working properly

Hey everyone!
I recently uploaded this model:

When viewing in the browser, the animation works perfectly fine. But when i download the auto-generated .gltf file and try to open it, the animation isn’t working right. The .zip i uploaded contained

  • 2x .obj files (My 2 frames/meshes)
  • 2x .mtl files (Material)
  • 2x .png files (Texture)
  • 1x sketchfab.timeframe file for the animation.

I followed this tutorial btw: Sketchfab Community Blog - » Animating Voxels and Sketchfab Stop Motion
I really want a .gltf file so i can load it into my three.js project…
Does someone know what the problem is or what i could try to do?

Thanks for reporting! I was able to reproduce the issue and have passed it on to our 3D team.


Thanks Bart, I really appreciate it!

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Hey Bart!
I apologize for my impatience, but are there any news regarding my problem?
This is my first bug-report so i have no idea how long something like this usually takes to fix :sweat_smile:
Kind regards,

There’s no progress yet, sorry.

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Alright, thanks a lot for the update!

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