Downloading and taking other creators models for your page without credit

New to this but I was wondering if it is considered standard practice for another user to download CC free models and upload them to their page (even if it is a bad copy) claiming them as their own creation?

Thank you.
If this has happened to my account would I take action through the “report” button? The person who took the models has disabled comments on the the copies of the models they uploaded to their page. Thank you.

Thank you for the response. Someone I had interacted with and followed took 2 of my models and uploaded them to their page as their own.
It seemed like a violation of CC but I was not sure if I was missing something. I thought perhaps they misunderstood making a collection but it seems a bit off as well.

If they’ve downloaded your models under the CC Attribution, then they are required by the license to credit your original work (typically in the description). If they aren’t doing this, then you should report the models in question :+1: