Downloading Model with Textures included

Hey Everyone,

I’m a new user here. I’ve brought a model into Skechfab and edited materials, giving them textures.

When I download the model as a .glb file, I lose the textures.

My end goal is to bring it into PowerPoint as a 3D file.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @radioshuttle - welcome to Sketchfab and the forum!

I just downloaded the 4k GLB file of your model and this is how it looks in Windows 3D model viewer:

and Blender:

There will always be some slight variations in rendering between different software, but does the model in the above screens look correct to you?

I am not familiar with 3D file import in PowerPoint though - perhaps only certain 3D model features are supported there?

Thanks for the reply - we appreciate it!

We downloaded the same 4k file, but when we import to blender, we have a bunch of missing textures.

did we miss a step in the process?


Generally, if a texture is missing from your model in Blender, it will show up as bright pink material.

In the screenshot you share, I can see that you are viewin the model in “Solid” mode, you should change the viewprt rendering to ‘Material Preview’ (second sphere from the right in the top right of the viewport) to see the textures on the model.

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