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3D Modeller and Animator. I am utilising Sketchfabs API for an app service idea to upload and download models of my own and others that are available on Sketchfab.

I am still very fresh and a beginner in javascript. I am utilising ThreeJS as the main test app to stream all models through to edit and view.

I have provided a link below of the instructions I am following to download and open the gltf models in three js.


I am struggling with the entry.getData. It doesn’t seem clear on how to Generate URLs for every Entry. This is how it is laid out at the moment:

zip.workerScriptsPath = ‘/lib/’;
var reader = new zip.HttpReader(‘models/’);
var entry;
function(zipReader) {

// entry = entries

// return entry


new zip.BlobWriter(‘text/plain’),
function onEnd(data) {
var url = window.URL.createObjectURL(data);


function(error) {

At this point, I managed to read the entry data of the zip. However is there any clear instruction in Generating the URLs for every entry loaded.

I am sorry if this might be an obvious silly question!

Thank you,

Hey George,

I noticed we didn’t answer this yet - did you manage to solve it, or do you still need help?