Downloading my own object

I’ve lost one of my models due to a hard drive failure but I remembered that I had uploaded it here. Is there a way I can download it from settings or something? It’s one that I sculpted myself so I totally own it.

I know I could make it free to download, get it, then make it private again but it said it was doing some processing or something and I want too be sure it’s the original model I uploaded with nothing done to it.

Edit: I’ve learned from Alban that downloading is now available and is actually a brand new feature. Unfortunately none of my models older than Dec. 2014 have the download option.


Edit: Oh, right. I didnt see the edit of your post :slight_smile: You can contact the site admin they will help you 100%

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This has been resolved :slight_smile:

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Thanks James, sorry for posting in 2 places.

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