Drag and Drop texture


(Kanoute13) #1

Hi to everyone,

i was answering if i can Drag and drop textures on a part of a material

I saw you project “Material show case” but i think is difficult to change it in order to drag n drop the textures.

Does anyone has any idea if its possible?

The main problem is not the drag n drop as how can i have a material somewhere in order to attach it.

Thank you in advance!


(Paul Sketch) #2

The api provide with

You only have to update the material you need to “drag&drop texture”

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(Kanoute13) #3


First of all thank you very much for you front response.

So i can affect the object ONLY with materials that this object has in the sketchfab account, and not externally, from a library i.e.

Furthermore, i can cheat for drag n drop with changing the material of each part with another one, that this object has

Another part of the question is if can i preview these materials, as you did in the material showcase.


(Paul Sketch) #4

We strip any texture not used by a model to avoid unnecessary uploads, so you have to link it externally

(Kanoute13) #5


ok make sense!

Does anyone know an externally library where i can upload textures?