Dragon and Monkey


(Alex) #1

Hello. I am trying to embed model into this forum post, but without any success. On preview I see only link without any image (UPD fixed)

Dragon and monkey by ayvlasov on Sketchfab

(Bart) #2

Thanks for joining the Heroic Voxels contest and welcome on board :smile:

I have just given you one month of Sketchfab PRO - you can use it to add up to 20 annotations to your model.

Some more useful information to get you started:

  • Read the contest updates - they will contain updates on contest progress, weekly tutorials and more.. I recommend you 'track' that topic so you'll receive notifications (instructions are in the post).
  • Frequently Asked Questions are in the (you guessed it) FAQ topic.

ps: I've updated your embed - just put the model link on its own line

(Alex) #3

Thank you very much! - I tried to get bbcode, but solution was simpler

(Jason Ivens) #4

Nicely done I had to zoom right in just to confirm that it was actually Voxel art :smile:

(Alex) #5

Using scientific software for fun :confused:

(Elbriga) #6

Great model! It really needs better lighting or a color/brighter background though, it's hard to see what's going on :smile:

(Alex) #7

Thank you! The darkness was intentional and even emphasized using post-processing. Initial version was not so dark. Yet I agree, on some monitors it is too dark to see anything. May be more tuning is necessary.

(Alex) #8

I just tested a second model version with different voxel scales. The monkey here has "higher resolution"

Dragon and Monkey #2 by ayvlasov on Sketchfab

(Alex) #9

I have tested custom HDR environments for both models, e.g. "flying voxels"

I tried 2048x1024 images both in HDR and EXR format, but the environment has some defects. May be I've done something wrong.
UPDATE. Environment for first model now is 4096x2048, but some upper flying voxels still have stair-stepped edges on full-screen mode.

(Cedric) #10

Right now the max texture size of the background environment is 2k. Most of the time people use blurred environment background so they dont have the problem. There is no quick fix for that, better should be use the first blurred level for now. We will check if we can increase the size, but not sure due to limitation of some laptop/device and the size that the viewer will need to download to display the model.

(Alex) #11

Thank you for information. So my impression that new 4K environment is a bit better was not correct. I myself also used blurred environment on second model.

(Alex) #12

I have deleted separated voxels on second model, but it is not clear, how to get rid of voxels linked only by edge to make that printable.

(Alex) #13

I also tried to apply "hollow" with Meshmixer, but result does not look as voxel model after that:

(Alex) #14

I marked first version as final. Here is also animated version of dragon, not for contest, just for fun:

Voxel Dragon Animation by ayvlasov on Sketchfab

(Alex) #15

I did not decide that is better, a model with multi-scale voxels or initial model and so used modified monkey with slightly edited dragon as the second entry. I also modified HDR background environment to add more dragons, because one naïve dragon is certainly not enough to manage with tricky monkey :smile:

(Elbriga) #16

I love your environnements! Did you make them in blender?

(Alex) #17

No, in POV-Ray. To make such kind of HDR environment in Blender I would have needed more experience with Cycles and scripts (to generate parametric random dragons). Below is POV-Ray dragon used in the environment: