DSLR 3D Body Scanning

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General remarks:
3D Body Scan, Melbourne , Australia

About this service

  • References/former clients:
    16 years experience with multiple camera arrays - recipient of Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) Award for Innovation and Advancement of Cinematography
    Master of Photography with Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP)
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Service description
3-7 MM poly
Excellence in lighting with high specialised speed electronic flash.

  • Specialisation:
    Body and Facial scanning with FACS
  • Equipment/software:
    Nikon DSLR x 80. Bowens QuadX 1/7000 sec @T=0.1 - Photoscan, ZBrush, Modo, Mudbox
    Multi CPU for reliable camera data wrangling.
  • Location:
    Wheelers Hill, Melbourne, Australia
  • Ability to travel:
    16 years international experience in the film industry with world travel and logistics
  • Resolution:
    Capture resolution: 6k
  • Guaranteed accuracy:
    World Zero co-ordinates and Photoscan specs
  • Max / min scannable sizes:
    Face and Body of human body
  • Textures:
    up to 16k - typically 8k
  • Deliverable file formats:
  • Additional services:
    Alliance with Fusion-VFX (Happy Feet, Tomb Raider etc) -who can accommodate feature film and broadcast quality
  • Costs:
    Cost on application: typically $3k per day plus processing.

Service-specific information
Broadcast realtime 3D Augmented Reality and broadcast player profiles a specialty.
Motion Capture service available with retargeting of rigged model.

Stefan by 3D Body Scan on Sketchfab

Rod2 by 3D Body Scan on Sketchfab

Amywhite by 3D Body Scan on Sketchfab