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DTM Technologies, Anglesey, North Wales, UK

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About this service

WE Providing lase scanning, Photogrammetry, 3d modelling/3dprinting moulding and casting, and aerial surveying (georeferenced using RTK GPS)

  • References/former clients: National Trust(UK), National Resourses Wales, Bangor University, Church In Wales

Service description

  • Specialisation: aerial photogrammetry for 3d models and mapping, but also terrestrial laser scanning, for historical and architectural, but can be for anything.]
  • Equipment/software: Faro s120 laser scanner, DJI Phantom 1,2,and 3, steadsidrone flare, we also work closely with another company who uses dji s800,900 and 1000, cameras include gopro, canonsx260 , sony nex7 and sony rx100 iii. Software, zbrush, Max, topogun, faro scene and all adobe products.
  • Location:North Wales, United kingdom.
  • Ability to travel: UK
  • Resolution: Very high or low poly models, with textures, bump and normal
  • Guaranteed accuracy: Accuracies depend on equipment, but can be mm for laser scan, and sub decimetre for large terrains.
  • Max / min scannable sizes: Anything, small object to 200 hectares+
  • Textures: colour, bump, normal
  • Deliverable file formats: Any
  • Additional services: We also create models for 3d printing , then moulding and casting in resins and possibly metals.
  • Costs: Call for quote

Service-specific information

-We are licenced ESRI users for map making from the data we capture, all our aerial work is georeferenced using ground control points and measured using rtk gps. We have also created models of data captured under water and created reconstructions of local WW1 shipwrecks.Our maps can be viewd on the web using sketchfab or esri online map portal.

Mid Wales aerial survey by DTM Technologies on Sketchfab

HSS Derbent A world war one shipwreck by DTM Technologies on Sketchfab

Dear Skull by DTM Technologies on Sketchfab