Ducktales - treasure of the lost lamp

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Hi all !
This movie is my favorite and I want realize in 3D VR !

I have begin to modelise the scene

(Merakline) #2

Wip Pillar


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Awesome WIPs already! Can't wait to see what happens here, great opportunities for lighting.

(Merakline) #4

Thx @c0re !

I have a question about the lightling.
The light of sketchfab are movable, I can fixe them ? :slight_smile:

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It should be! Here's the help center documentation for lighting.

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(Merakline) #8

Test light

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Wip ! :slight_smile:

(Merakline) #11

still some adjustment

(Marchermitte) #12

It really looks like a game... the cliff / rocks sculpting is really a good exemple of efficient design if you look at the polycount / visual impact ratio.

(Merakline) #13

It's my final entry

Very cool contest !

(Alex) #14

You did not tag your scene (tags should be not in title, but it "tags" section).

(Merakline) #15

Ho I see, thank you ! :slight_smile:

(Alex) #16

Separate tag moviecontest-static-final should present due to conditions of contest...