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Dumb question about turbosquid

(Distance880) #1

So i peddle my wares on turbosquid. I make game ready stuff using PBR. I've been using screenshots of my models that were taken from the sketchfab render window.. Is this okay to do, or am i breaking a rule doing this??

(Bart) #2

That's no problem - these are your own models after all. However, it would be nicer if you could actually embed Sketchfab models on Turbosquid smile Could you ask them to support us?

(Distance880) #3

Yes, I have. I created the popular and trending, "The official sketchfab begging thread".

The concerns that alot of people on turbosquid brought up was the fact that the mesh and materials are unsecured and can basically be ripped or stolen.

I honestly would still use it regardless.