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About this service

Duplicate 3D makes detailed 3D scans and designs so you can bring your ideas to the next step!
Digitize your objects or art piece and you can present it on your website thru Sketchfab. Use it in animation. Or get a 3D Printed replica, to sell in stores.

Duplicate 3D thinks it is important that your creativity comes through, to a successful end result. Therefore, it is possible to work side by side with me to edit your digital replica in 3D.

Service description

  • Specialisation: Photogrammetry
  • Equipment/software: DSLR camera, 3D scan Software, 3Ds Max, Zbrush, Photoshop
  • Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Ability to travel: By public transport. Preferably, within Netherlands
  • Resolution:
    Geometry: Low and High Resolution
    Texture maps: max 16K
  • Guaranteed accuracy: Around 0,2mm (texture even higher)
  • Max / min scannable sizes:
    Minimum: The size of a coffee bean.
    Maximum: The size of a coffee factory.
  • Textures: Yes. Full color. On requests, maps like Diffuse, Bump, and Reflection.
  • Deliverable file formats:
    3D files: .OBJ .FBX .STL .WRL (and more)
    Texture: .JPG .TIFF .PNG
  • Additional services: Adjustments on 3D scans. 3D Scans can be used to create replacement parts that can be 3D Printed.
    Duplicate 3D does also make 3D Designs, Renderings, and 3D prints
  • Costs: €60,- per hour. (plus additional costs)
    Depending on the details of the 3D scan. (A typical scan takes around 1,5 to 4 hours of scanning.)


Mini Pineapple 3D scan

Curled Shell 3D Scan

Ancre Suisse pocket watch 3D Design