Duplicate Projects

(David11) #18

+1 I could really use this. With even a semi-complex scene I can not edit it for fear of having to redo all the sketchfab settings.

(Gabrielgonzalezdm) #19

Please we need it! Thanks

(Cheshire Creative) #20

Hey Sketchfab devs.

What's happened to this feature request?

You've said that this is one of the most requested features and we've been asking for it for at least 20 months.

Can you please let us know what progress has been made?

Workflow is cripplingly slow and involves so a load of time wasting repetition we really need the ability to duplicate a project/model.

(Laurent Imasud) #21

I agree with all your comments.
This feature is more than important and asked by many users in many posts…

Hi @bartv
Its been a very long time since this subject was posted.
Can you add a +150 to the wishlist ? :slight_smile:


(Bart) #22

I can’t do +150, but I’ll definitely add your +1.

(Cheshire Creative) #23

Hey Bart
You’ve been adding +1s for over 2 years for this request!

What’s happening?

(Bart) #24

This has been moved to our short(er) term roadmap. I can’t be more specific than that, I’m afraid.

(Mrchristopher3d) #25

I’ve been uploading some models for a client, and he wants simple variations of this model set up to show a different label applied.

Right now I have to upload the model and re-setup the lighting and materials for each one. It’s such tedious duplicative work. Is there no way to duplicate a model??? If I could just duplicate a model all I would need to do would be to replace one of the textures and be done with it.

The biggest challenge is that there’s no way to actually make the lights be the same because there’s virtually no numerical control for them. It’s a huge pain.

Please add model duplication!



Thanks for the feedback, I'll add your '+1' to this feature request.

It's on our todo list, but it's quite a complicated feature. At the moment, we do have some experimental user scripts to copy settings between models: https://forum.sketchfab.com/t/post-processing-and-material-presets/1750

(Pandan) #27

This would be an awesome feature. Presets would be even cooler.

Being able to download your model's 3D settings would be killer. Maybe download their properities into a .txt with all the values (Lighting controls, materials, etc).

Then users could re-upload their settings, or save a file of their favorite sketchfab settings locally to use for a set of models.

That or even save those presets on the website.

(Dinoinglese) #28

+1 +1 +1 +1 +1

(Hsfcb) #29


I would also recommend to implement a duplication feature for models, e.g. for using the same base model in varying contexts. This could be usefull for educational purposes, e.g. adding annotations in different languages or levels of difficulty.
Is this feature still on top of the todo list?



Thanks for the feedback and use case. Yes, this feature request is still one of the most requested.

(Astro Logix) #31

Has this feature been added?


Not yet, sorry, but I'll add your '+1'

(Peerhasefer2) #33

Any updates in this feature?????


Not yet, sorry!

(Cheshire Creative) #35

Hi James

Any ETA on this feature? Really need it...



The feature is planned, but it's not on the short-term roadmap yet, so I don't have an ETA.

(Misumi Europa) #37

+1 here too.