Duplicate Projects

(Distance880) #1

Hello! I am curious if it people think it would be useful to duplicate a project within sketchfab. Is this already possible? I want to be able to take a finished published project on sketchfab, and duplicate it, so that I can test alterations, without having to re-upload a new package, with a majority of the same settings.

I also want to know, what is the most respectful way to release a large number of private models publicly, all at once, so that it doesn’t spam my followers news feeds? If I upload a large number of models, and keep them private for a week or two, or a month, will it still dominate the news feeds of my followers?

What methods are currently available to someone who publishes frequently, to prevent what seems like spam to some people, yet is something a different set of people will find very useful? How do I make a large amount of content available, while not putting some people off, by acting like pollution in some way?

Duplicating models
(Jvouillon) #2

I agree, duplicate project would be great!

(Dark Minaz) #3

personally i tend to upload only a few models at a time, did rather a lot during the contest time.
I don't think there is a option, might be nice to add that
"don't send notifications to followers about this model" as example.

Keeping them private will stop anyone from seeing them unless they have the link. Not quite sure if it gives a notification if you upload it private and then set to public.

The copy function would be nice though, especially if you want to have 2 versions. Like a daytime and night time setup.

(Roberto Cappelletti) #4

so actually is not possible duplicate any project??
Because also i need to publish the same object but with different texure at the same time or even better with the texture selection in the viewer, as far as i read need to use API visualization, too far away from my skill...
So...in the end, am i right? Untill now there are no fuction of duplication even in the PRO account??

Thank you

(Bart) #5


yes, this is on our wishlist, and I'll add your '+3' to the ticket. The community team will champion this request and try to get it planned and released. We'll keep you posted!

(Henkdawson) #7

I would like to duplicate projects as well. It would be very useful.

(Bart) #8

Done!! I'll add your +1 to the request.

(Henkdawson) #9

Bartv - Thanks for your quick reply! So - is this feature available now?

(Bart) #10

Ah sorry, I meant I added your '+1', that wasn't clear :-/

(Wturber) #11

Yes. Duplicating projects would be a great time saver. Perhaps this could be added as an option when re-uploading. That is where I can really use it - when re-uploading new variations that keep many of the same features as the existing project - for instance surfaces and annotations.

So, has this ever been implemented?

(Jarufi) #12

Any news on this one? I will have upcoming dozens of models to upload. All shoud have a similar look and feel. We are discussing different WebGL solutions right now. Sketchfab is really great but not being able to use duplicates or private templates is sadly a downside on sketchfab. First requests on a feature like this were postet in 2015. I feel that something like this should be an essential pro-feature. (Which would even attract more users to go Pro I bet :blush:) Thanks for any info about it. Best regards

(Dinoinglese) #13

Yes please this is a must have feature to be able to copy and paste projects.

(Jamesmcdermid3 D) #14

+1 definitely need!!!

(Tod Adkins) #15

Put me on the ticket too! I actually would love to do some different versions. It's nice to review with clients things like different poly count, material and lighting options, and also to test things and not break your previous scene or start a new one from scratch.

(Santi Rivera) #16

Definitively needed. As changing backgrounds for customer is not possible by now, the only way is to have two versions with same properties but different background.

(Renderingstudio) #17

+1 Definitively needed!

(David11) #18

+1 I could really use this. With even a semi-complex scene I can not edit it for fear of having to redo all the sketchfab settings.

(Gabrielgonzalezdm) #19

Please we need it! Thanks

(Cheshire Creative) #20

Hey Sketchfab devs.

What's happened to this feature request?

You've said that this is one of the most requested features and we've been asking for it for at least 20 months.

Can you please let us know what progress has been made?

Workflow is cripplingly slow and involves so a load of time wasting repetition we really need the ability to duplicate a project/model.

(Laurent Imasud) #21

I agree with all your comments.
This feature is more than important and asked by many users in many posts…

Hi @bartv
Its been a very long time since this subject was posted.
Can you add a +150 to the wishlist ? :slight_smile: