Dwarf Blacksmith

(Gigok) #1

HI! for this contest I am planning on creating a blacksmith owned by a dwarf. I will start with the shop and then create the character. My hope is for it to fit in the example scene that was given.

(Gigok) #2

Hello again. So i finished my first asset for the Blacksmith. I just have one problem with scale that I would like some help please.
When working in maya The scales and measurements are correct, but in sketchfab the model looks tiny when I go to the VR setup options. The human reference is huge! Does anybody know how to correctly upload scale?

Here is the model:

(Gigok) #3

Second asset done. This time is the character that will own the blacksmith! tell me what you think!

(Bart) #4

I’ve just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum. Good luck!! :slight_smile:

(Sawcisson) #5

Really nice work ! i love it keep it up

(Gigok) #6

Finished the house of the dwarf!


You really nailed the style, looks beautiful! Keep it up!

(Gigok) #8

Thank You!

(Gigok) #9

So my idea has evolved, Now I'm going to make a crossroads with some essential services like the Blacksmith for the guards, an Inn/Pub and some Barracks, maybe a stable. Any ideas on any more buildings I could create for the crossrads would be great.

I've also inished the Inn. Hope you like ti :slight_smile:

(Gigok) #10

Watermill Finished!

(Gigok) #11

After having every little asset modeled I can finally arrange the uv texture sets for a more optimized experience.
The first Set textured and finished is the Animals. Hope you like it.

(Gigok) #12

Another character done!
The old fisherman, who as always falls asleep.

Guards also done

Distracted, on duty and walking variations.

(Gigok) #13

Here is a first look of my scene in engine.

(Gigok) #14

FINISHED!!! finally! after a lot of iterations and different explorations I am finally happy with the result! I managed to optimiaze a lot of the models and still mantain a high level of detail. Textures are also simple and small except for the ones that needed some extra stuff like the signs or the marks on the animals.

Hope you all like it
PS: tomorrow i'll be uploading the individual assets

(Gigok) #15

Here is the collection with all the assets!

Medieval Fantasy Scene Contest by gigok on Sketchfab