DWF not showing 3D model in viewer

(Lfried) #1

As the title says, my DWF models aren't showing up.

I've tried using the API exporter for Inventor - Empty viewer
I've exported from Inventor and manually uploaded to Sketchfab - Empty Viewer
I've exported .dwg from Inventor and opened in AutoCAD then used the API exporter for AutoCAD - Empty viewer
I've exported .dwg from Inventor and opened in AutoCAD, then manually exported DWF and uploaded to Sketchfab - Empty Viewer



Our DWF support is not super robust at the moment, and should be improved in the future.

I think the problem comes from the way Inventor assemblies are organized and encoded.

I've seen users in the past have success exporting STL files.

(Lfried) #3

STL files do export and open up ... ok. They're still not even great, and it is merely an object with no materials shown.


Could you post a screenshot of your Inventor model?

I seriously doubt we'll be able to get true materials out of Inventor, but we should be able to do basic colors.

(Lfried) #5

This is one (unfinished) of many models that I'd like to upload.

This is the model that should be displaying in the 3D viewer above.


I've found a few OBJ export plugins for Inventor. Maybe you can use these to convert your assemblies to meshes?




Unfortunately, they are all trial-to-buy...

I'll keep digging...


One more: https://apps.exchange.autodesk.com/INVNTOR/en/Detail/Index?id=appstore.exchange.autodesk.com%3Aobjexporter_windows32and64%3Aen

This one is from ProtoTech Solutions, the developers of our Inventor and SolidWorks plugins.

(Lfried) #8

I'm trying the OBJ exporter from ProtoTech.

Also trying export to DWG with surfaces and sketches, then trying to export those to DWF from AutoCAD.


If you have access to AutoCAD, you might try exporting as FBX. Our FBX processing is much more robust.

(Lfried) #10

I don't recall seeing FBX as an export option, I'll look again.

Here is the OBJ as exported from Inventor:

Detwigger by Leland Fried on Sketchfab

Still no materials, but a way better model than STL. I can manually add materials after the upload.

(Lfried) #11

None of the Inventor-exported .dwg's would export properly to FBX in AutoCAD.


That OBJ upload is the best result I've ever seen out of Inventor. And your material groups persist after upload, as you said.

(Lfried) #13

The members stay whole so I can apply a material to an entire object instead of face-by-face, but the materials themselves don't transfer.

I'll work with OBJ exporting for now, but ipt and iam capability would be a huge improvement.

(Lfried) #14

-It appears Sycode doesn't have plugins for the last 3 years (2015, 2014 & 2013).
-the CNet download is just Sycode's 2012 version.
-Simlab's exporter simply gives me license errors.
-ProtoTech's only lets you do 3-5 exports before just sitting there with no messages...you just keep clicking until you figure out that it might be dead due to your trial being up.

Two don't work and the one that does, doesn't give you enough use to really feel it out.


There's a DWF fix in the works. Should be released next Tuesday.

(Lfried) #16

Awesome, thank you very much!

(Luis Rodriguez) #17

I used Skecthfab as "conversor" so to publish old dwg files... that was the roundabout I found. I´ll be nice to see direct upload!

(Kaadesign) #18

Hello James,

DWF files & export via Sketchfab Exporter from inventor works again.

Thanks a lot!


Great! Let us know if there are any other problems.

(Lfried) #20

I tried a few direct uploads of DWF's, they still do not work. I will try the Inventor exporter later, but not all my DWF's come from Inventor.