Dynamic light on animated mesh


(Antoine Bassin) #1

I apologize in advance if my English is bad.

I didn't found any subjects about my problem.
I upload an animated mesh of ocean waves (with bones), but it seems that the light is baked and doesn't refresh according to normals movements. The issue remains with both real-time dynamic lights and environmental lights.

The scene with wrong reflections:

The type of reflection I expect:

Is there an option to force the light to refresh ? Or is it the way Sketchfab optimize light calculation that makes this impossible ?

(Stephomi) #2

We don't bake anything.
The issue are the normals, they don't seem to be animated well, I'll dig into it to see why.

Edit: I see the problem... I'm not sure we have a solution for now.
We transform the each normal with its associated bones, but since the bones only contain translation information, the normals just stand still. Since we skin in the GPU, we unfortunately don't have any way to update correctly these normals.

Maybe for this use case, blendShape/MorphTarget would be preferable.

(Antoine Bassin) #3

Oh, ok, I understand the issue.
Thanks for the fast solution.

Edit: It works properly with blendshapes.