E.T. Cornfield Scene

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This is a long loved and well remembered movie scene for me.
Can't wait to get started on it. :smiley:

Here is the shed complete. Aside from little details and the stuff inside the shed. :stuck_out_tongue:

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We'll be in touch :slight_smile:

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Thanks I look forward to seeing what other artist create for this contest, :smiley:


Very cool scene! And I love the WIP already!

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Thanks. :smile:

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I didn't realize that I probably shouldn't have deleted my one shed WIP. So I'll be keeping a better WIP log for my project. So here is the WIP for E.T. It still needs eye's, and textures.

(Creativeblendproductions) #8

After reading the posts about VR and some things that work and that don't. I decided to make a lower polygon version of E.T. :smiley:

(Creativeblendproductions) #9

Here is the textured model. Not completely done but the just is there.

(Creativeblendproductions) #10

Here is a picture of the scene I've been working on. Hoping to finish the house this week and figure out how I'm going to do the cornfield. I'm posted a screenshot this time since its faster. :slight_smile:

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