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Easy and affordable ways to model things


(Keith Jones) #1

I’m an amateur modeller so I can’t afford, and don’t have time to learn to use, the expensive professional modelling apps. So for a long time I thought I would be stuck with the choice of Hexagon or Blender but there seem to be quite a lot of new free 3d apps around at the moment and I have been testing some of them out. One of the easiest to use is Rocket 3F. It is quick to learn and works well with Moi3d and 3D Coat, which are my other two favourites at the moment. Where rocket also scores highly in my book is its low cost to power ratio. If you are happy to renew your license each month (a few mouse clicks) its free to use with no restrictions. It’s much easier to learn than Wings or Blender so a good for beginners as well as experienced modelers who want quick results. Vectory might also be worth a look but it’s not quite so easy to pick up and runs in a browser.

(Unoquepasa) #2

hi, i discover that software here

first attempt