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Ebedding sketchfab viewer in my existing Unity 3D App

(Kuvanujan) #1

Hi, I'm a unity developer , we have created a Augmented reality app in Unity.
We would like to connect sketchfab with our app. So we will upload the 3D models in our sketchfab account , user can view the 3D model inside our application using sketchfab system.
I would like to know , how to connect sketchfab with our application. Do I need to apply secret key and token ? How to apply them?

(Shaderbytes) #2

sketchfab and unity are two separate 3D engines. Both use and render 3D models. You cant access the models uploaded to sketchfab from unity. You need to upload 3D models intended for unity in the unity editor or using precompiled unity asset bundles.

(Kuvanujan) #3

So, I can’t just view the models uploaded in sketchfab from unity 3D?

(Shaderbytes) #4