Edge problem for SketchUp model

In the editing mode, the model looks as follows:

But exiting the editing mode changes the model to:

Any suggestion, I would like the edges to be black?


This is an issue specific to SketchUp models, related to the way we compress vertices for lines and points the viewer. It looks like you already figured it out, but you can set the “edge_colorxxxx” materials to black in 3D Settings.

Would you be so kind to tell me that should one change the color of all edges_colorxxxxx to black, how is that done?

Further, would you be so kind to give some insights to why editing mode is super slow, it takes 30-60 seconds to refresh after making a single modification.

Is there some process for changing the colour of all edges to black, because of the sluggishness of the editing mode it takes quite a while to change the colour of color to black?

Anyone, so the problem is as follows. My question is that how can I with just a few clicks change the color of all edges to black? Currently it takes 15-20 minutes to change the edge color because editors is very slow.

In the editor, the model uploaded from SketchuUp looks as follows:

In the viewer the same model looks as follows:


Could you please post a screenshot that shows where I can find this settings, this one is rather smal?

The issue is with edge colour (i.e. how to select all edge types (there are quit a few) and make them all black with one mouse click). Adding a black wireframe has the following effect:


Oh, you are talking about specific edges. I misunderstood you. It looks like you have a material for the edges, so you can go to MATERIALS -> “edge_color.,…” -> Base Color. and change it to any color you like.

It also looks like you have way too much materials for everything. This scene needs optimisation. But after changing material color to black I got this result.

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could it be viable to make a feature that uses a similar technique to what your doing with sketchup edges/line, but apply this to edges imported from for example blender or fbx or whatever?
It would be much desirable indeed to have the ability to have edges (with a mat id) and mesh together for certain things
or is there something inherently special about lines/edges in sketchup that this just dosent apply to traditional edges in other 3d applications?