Editing scan from Structure/itSeez3d


(Thatguy3003) #1

I've just recently bought a Structure Sensor and have made some scans using Itseez3d and so far I'm really pleased with the sensor and ease of use for the quality it produces. I would like to edit the scans for even more detail and to crop out unwanted sections but have had no luck finding information on the workflow or tutorials on how to apply the texture from Itseez3d. From what I've found so far, Meshlab and Blender seem to be the most popular free software for editing so I've downloaded them and have been following some youtube tutorials and can import, clean up and manipulate the mesh but nothing that details applying the patchwork texture from Itsee3d which is a major problem. The texture doesn't automatically show up when importing as ply, obj or wrl so it looks like I'll have to go through the additional steps of adding it myself which is far from intuitive and the steps seem to be different from working with the textures of other scanners/apps. Based on the lack of info its almost as if there is hardly anyone using Itseez3d which is surprising...unless I'm looking in all the wrong places. Any advice on how to do it or where I can find the info would be greatly appreciated.


OBJ is your best bet (but you always will need the MTL and texture image file with it). Both Meshlab and Blender should preserve the texture while editing/cleaning up the mesh.

(Trinim3) #3

As james said before me, OBJ + Textures is the format you want to work with when you're sending the file from ItSeez to yourself.

As for software for editing/fixing, have a look at Meshmixer as well.