Einscan H & HX Best Practices

I just got an Einscan H and would love to hear from other users already having more experience with handheld 3D scanners from Shining as also share my experiences and to exchange “Best Practices”.

I just started, so I am missing some practice and deal with the following issues:

  • scanning environment: setup in general, preparing markers
  • scanning method: turntable vs. walk around
  • software: choose the best scanning mode & method depending on the object
  • workflow: merge different scans when the object was turned

maybe @einscan will be able to share some information here?

Have you posted examples of the 3D outputs you are currently getting on Sketchfab for review?

Shining has a collection here: EinScan H - A 3D model collection by SHINING 3D (@einscan) - Sketchfab
I started one here: 2021 Einscan H - A 3D model collection by mori (@mori) - Sketchfab

@khoochun has made a comment, maybe she can also contribute?

hi all

I just ordered a Einscan HX.
Have any of you experienced with it?
How does it perform?
Demos was really convincent.

Not me but I will be glad if you are able to share your initial experiences and 3D models here / on Sketchfab.

The main advice I can give: always use markers.