Einscan S structured light 3D scanner has lost it's crosshairs, can't calibrate

Since the Einscan-S is no longer supported, the only assistance I could get from Shining 3D was a trade-in offer on buying a new scanner from them. But we don’t need a new scanner, we already have their Einscan Handheld Pro with the color and industrial packs, as well as the NextEngine Desktop 2020i 3D Laser Scanner, the Xbox One Kinect Sensor, a variety of Mark II Structure Sensors and Metashape for photogrammetry with DSLRs.

Has anyone ever had the crosshairs not show up, and fixed it? The light is certainly shining from the front of the scanner, but without the crosshairs it won’t calibrate, let alone scan I suspect.

Ken Hopson
VCU Libraries

Hi Ken. Might be worth dropping this in the Discord 3D Scanning channel, too, to cast a wider net.