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Elder Blud - pbr character bust

(Ben Hosac) #1

Hi all! I elaborated on an old quick sketch I made when I was first getting used to zbrush. I'm happy with how this turned out, especially since I could avoid the lopped off arms and legs that usually go along with busts.

For anyone interested, here's the wip thread where I go into some of the process and what tools I jump between while working.

(Lord00120) #2

I like it, especially the lighting, very atmospheric :slight_smile: Also welcome to zbrush, its a pretty amazing tool :wink:

(Ben Hosac) #3

Thanks! Yea I'd like to try out some other lighting scenarios in the next project. It was tricky to position everything in a way that helped show off the model. Custom background backdrops can really shine now that we can restrict the camera movement. I kinda want to drop some drapery or a sconce in the scene now that we can control the camera viewpoint so well.