Elderly lady model

Dear People!
I am a service designer from Italy. I have no expertise in building characters and I am contacting this community to get hopefully helped! For a quick and dirty prototype in Adobe Aero, I need elderly lady models (from a low poly , cartoon character style and more high fidelity one). I am super happy to feature the name of the artists who will support me. It is a prototype for my PhD research, so I have no other way to thank then featuring the name of the artists everywhere I can. I hope to get in contact with you soon! Thanks a lot! Laura (boffilaura@gmail.com)

Hi Laura,

Have you tried to search our library? You can check ‘downloadable’ to find only models that you can download and use in your project. These are all Creative Commons licensed, so take note of the appropriate license (which will be different for each model).

Thank! I tried with no luck…