Elephantaur - God of War Character and a Game character


(Renatoaruffo) #1

Hello everybody, I am new here at sketchfab, I am testing it and it is reaaally amazing tool.

I am testing a few of my past works in it and I am loving it.

I am a student at Gnomon School, character artist, game designer and I own a small brazillian game company called Nuclear Scorpions.

Last term I created this character from a concept from the God of War game, the Elepgantaur, it is a mini boss and I really love its design. So I did it using zBrush and Maya.

Elephantaur - God of War (School Project) by renatoaruffo on Sketchfab

This other guy is a little older, It was a game I worked in 2013 for a brazillian gym called Boa Forma, I created the character design, animation, rigging, and was also de game designer and programmer (Unity3D, C#, PHP, XML).

The little guy was based on Disney style.

Swimmer - Game Character by renatoaruffo on Sketchfab

That is it, I would love to see amazing opinions about that. I am really loving the Sketchfab, I am still importing a few works, even if was not planned for games, to see the results.

Thank you guys.

(Renatoaruffo) #2

I uploaded a new environment I did last year for a Intro to Maya class.

Dead End by renatoaruffo on Sketchfab

I found this nice concept from a guy called Raphael Lacoste.

(Renatoaruffo) #3

Hello guys, here is a new upload.

I worked on it at the begining of the year to play around with the new PBR pipeline in 3D Coat 4.5.

It is an amazing tool, we can do really amazing stuffs really fast. I had to tweak some things to be compatible to Sketchfab, but it was really fast and fun.

I only used Maya, 3D coat and tweaked stuffs on Photoshop for this shader

You guys can download and play with it if you want, it is a good and fun practice for creating PBR materials.

Medieval Weapons by renatoaruffo on Sketchfab

(Renatoaruffo) #4

Hello everybody,

today I uploaded a character I for a game I am creating called The Lost Souls

Game Character - Eleanor (The Lost Souls) by Renato Aruffo on Sketchfab

This is the character for the second chapter of a horror game called The Lost Souls. O created her in 2012 and the new version of the game is about to come. This little ghost will scare lots of people when the game release.

The game is being developed for OUYA, mobiles, PS3, PS4 and Steam. I am developing the game alone, doing animations, models, textures, programming, creating the shaders, testing it and so on. The game is being developed in Unity 3d 4.6,

For more details follow the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheLostSoulsGame


(Renatoaruffo) #5

I just finished the Elephantaur weapon, now I am going to work on a final stuffs and make the final pose.

Weapon - God Of War (Gnomon School Project) by Renato Aruffo on Sketchfab

(Renatoaruffo) #6

Just uploaded an ork I did on a zBrush practice. There is no texture, it is just a decimated model from zbrush

Fast - Zbrush Ork Sculpting by Renato Aruffo on Sketchfab