Elephantaur - God of War character (School project) / Game Project


(Renatoaruffo) #1

Hello everybody,

I am a Gnomon School student and I am working on a 3D model from a zBrush class from last term and I developed this character from God of War game, the Elephantaur.

I did it last term, I didn't do much after that, there are still a few stuffs to be done.

Elephantaur - God of War (School Project) by renatoaruffo on Sketchfab

I also worked on this game in 2013, it was for a client on a gym called Boa Forma, in Brazil. I based on Disney draws to start the concepts and it took me around 4 days from concept to final 3D animated model, scripts, implementation and shader.

I also worked as Game Designer, programer (C#, shader, xml,php) and animator. here is a link if you want to test the game, it was a beta version from the time.


Swimmer - Game Character by renatoaruffo on Sketchfab

I am testing this tool in sketchfab, it is really amazing, love the real time render that is available to us.
What you guys think? any suggestion?

Thank you guys