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(Chaitanyak) #1

Hi guys, great job with the site!
I hope I don't offend anyone with this, and apologize in advance!

I had two ideas/suggestions:
as time has gone by i've started following a lot of users.. problem is I now get alerts everytime everyone of them uploads something..

It would be great if one could enable a feature that will add someone to a consolidated notifications list..
ie: when i add users to that list, i only get one consolidated mail that has the week/day's updates from those users)

This would be especially helpful for example with loads of wip uploads or 3d scans of random rocks :stuck_out_tongue:

adding the WIP tag to an upload excludes it from email notifications..
think that would be useful?

(Bart) #2

Hey @chaitanyak!

An option for weekly notifications will be available soon, stay tuned. I also ran into this issue and I've disabled email notifications for new model uploads and came to rely on the news feed instead - I rather like the overview it offers.

Regarding the WIP tag - the new Draft mode should already do part of that I imagine?

(Chaitanyak) #3

will do what you did for now, and use the news feed .. smart.

yes the draft mode is perfect for this smile