Embed crashes Safari when viewed on mobile/iphone

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I’m trying to embed some models and optimizing them for viewing on mobile, but on starting the viewer in Safari on an iphone 12, the page crashes. You can see the site here and the model on mobile by clicking FWB FEST 22 > FWB Tablet. I have tried decimating the model for mobile (here) down to 50k triangles and 25k vertices but it’s still crashing, even though it loads just fine on desktop. The documentation suggests a max geometry of 500k for mobile, and even staying well under that I’m still getting back an error of “A problem repeatedly occurred.” Suggestions?? :frowning:


can you post safari/ios version on which it crashes ?
Can you try using “matcap” (with “vertex color” disabled) as rendering mean, to see if it also crashes ?

I have the same issue as mentioned above, and I hope we will find a solution.
I have this issue on mobile devices, 2 of which I have direct access to.
The iOs versions are 15.7 and and older iPad with iOs version 12.5.6

This is the error that happens both in my case, and I also followed the link of the OP and it gives the same exact error:

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