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(Creativesip) #1

I have tried embedding sketchfab to my wordpress site. But it lost responsiveness there. Also did sketchfab provides whitelabel embeds ? offline publishing ?

(Creativesip) #2

any buddy from support living here who can answer ?

(Bart) #3

Can you share a link of a page where this happens? Have you adapted your CSS to make the Sketchfab iFrame responsive to screen size changes? We only control what happens inside the iFrame, not outside smile


Here's a solution for responsive iframes with a constant aspect ratio:

We don't have a white label embed or offline publishing.

(Your3dselfie) #5

Thank's James wink I used your code on my company's website.

(Creativesip) #6

How can i use this code ? Im not a code guy actually. Help please


@creativesip Just add my CSS to your site's CSS, and insert the model iframe in your HTML like:

<div class="ratio-16-9">
    <iframe class="ratio-inner" src="{{model_id}}/embed"></iframe>

(Fredlucazeau) #8

Hello James,
Is there anything changed on sketchfab embeded object?
For few days now, the embeded frames includes scroll bars when they are too small which was not the case before.
The embeded have to be very big for the scroll bars to disapear. It is very limiting for the responsive pages. Now I can only have two columns, when four were working before.
Am I the only one experiencing this issue ?

(Fredlucazeau) #9

Don't know if anybody have read my above thread but 1 hour after the scroll bars have disapeared !


@fredlucazeau - Yes I think there was a bug, but it should be fixed now.

(Dioramas) #11

i can do it please help me this is my embed link how can i make responsively

(Dioramas) #12