Embed videos/images in model annotation


(Nick Axel) #1

Hello!! I'm new to SketchFab but thinking it could be perfect for a few human-rights related projects my team work on. The main question would be whether it's possible to embed videos or images within annotations? We need to be able to click somewhere on the model and have various different videos come up, embedded from vimeo or youtube etc. Is such a thing possible?

I did a quick search around the forum but was surprised to see this question unasked.

Thank you!



Hi Nick,

Sounds cool!

You can embed images using markdown, but we don't support videos or other media yet. I'll add your '+1' to this feature request :smile:

(Nick Axel) #3

Thank you for such a quick response James! I'm glad to hear it sounds like a useful feature to develop. Please let me know.. To be honest, SketchFab's applicability to our work is quite contingent upon it.

(Aerial Cam) #4

I have raised this subject previously as we would also like to be able to show images in annotations. This would be very useful as we generate 3D models of a structure so that we can produce orthophotos as rectified photographs of elevations. So being able to click on an annotation of each side of a building and have the orthophoto pop up to show it proportionally correct and scaled. Yes I know we could put these image elsewhere and link to them, but it would be a lot neater to have the images with the models in our Sketchfab accounts. Many of my archaeology and architect colleagues would very much appreciate this.


Hey, you can put images in annotations with Markdown:

(Le34) #6

Hi James,

I have tried to follow the markdown link to insert immages to my annotation - I'm sorry I still don't understand how to do it.

Could you make show it with screen dumps or a video for us, the not so IT savvy? :slight_smile:


You need to type "![]()" and put the link to the image in the parentheses: