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Embedding sketchfab in discourse forums

(Sflow) #1

I think I'm missing something, but what's the best way to embed a sketchfab model in a discourse forum?

I can see it being done here, but don't know how.
Neither posting the plain link, nor the embed code will embed the model properly it seems.

I'm asking for our own forums, so if there's any configuration of the forums software necessary please let me know or point me to an appropriate resource.



Sketchfab is oEmbed ready, so you just need to whitelist the domain(s) in Discourse's Onebox settings:

(Bart) #3

@sflow cool! Which forum is that?

(Sflow) #4

Thanks for the speedy reply guys. We got it working now!

@bartv It's Thanks for the interest! :smiley:

(Bart) #5

Cool! I hope your community will enjoy it :smile: