Embedding SketchFab Model With Material Selector on Website

Hi Everyone,

New to the forums so apologies if i’m asking something that has been asked already. I run a small CGI company and one of our clients requested us to prepare a similar website to this: Scotframe but of course with their own house styles. After inspecting the website i found out it was done through SketchFab. We use SketchUp as our primary tool for 3D modelling and as far as i can tell that should be compatible with SketchFab. So i’m not too concerned we would have issues with the 3D modelling part. The part i’m concerned about is that i have no idea how they set up this material selector, being able to select different window types, door types etc. and changing it with a click of a button. I tried looking this up on google and on youtube but i couldn’t really find an exact exmaple like this. I’m worried it might be some custom code or something a web developer set up for them? Or does SketchFab have an integrated menu like this that can be embedded on the website along with the viewer.

If anyone has experience with this a very short guide would be so much appreciated. Happy to even pay for it. Or if you could link to a guide that addresses a similar website embedding with the selectable items that would be super helpful too.

Many thanks in advance


You can achieve this with custom Javascript coding and our Viewer API, see this page for more information, and this page for a number of examples (and code that you can clone for your own project).


Hi Bart, Thank you very much for the super quick answer.

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You’re welcome! I guess you were lucky as I was doing my daily rounds of the forum right after you posted :wink: