Embedding Sketchfab on Wordpress portfolio

(Sazberryftw) #1

Hi there,

I'm looking to embed the interactable 3D viewer of my models onto my Wordpress portfolio website. I've been researching into doing this and I'm very confused. I tried asking about this on the Wordpress.com forums but my post got buried quite quickly.

I can provide any other info you guys might need, thank you for the help in advance!



Hi Sarah,

As far as I know, free WordPress sites hosted on wordpress.com don't support the iframe HTML tag, and don't support 3rd party plugins (like the Sketchfab embed plugin), see:


For more details on Sketchfab + WordPress, see:



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Thank you James.

So to embed my Sketchfab models onto my site, I would have to move to Wordpress.org? And I believe from reading about this it requires more self management and less support from Wordpress. I will try and get more information on this through Wordpress.



Yes, I think so. @bartv can you confirm?

Good luck!

(Bart) #6

Correct. Right now, you need a plugin to load our viewer. We're trying to convince WordPress to add support by default :smile:

So to be clear: you'll need to be able to install plugins. This rules out most cheap hosting plans and usually requires self-hosting.

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Thank you Bart! Very useful. I think for now I will just leave it and hope your convincing works in the future! :smiley: