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Embedding Sketchfab VR player in my own VR app

(Rlinan) #1

Is there a plan to let VR developers embed the Skecthfab VR player on their own VR app? That would be a cool feature for which I wold be a customer. This feature is already available on the browser.


(Bart) #2

If you can use a web viewer component in your app then you should be all set! As all our technologies are web-based, that's the only solution that we can offer. Does that answer your question?

(Arthur Jamain) #3

@bartv speaks the truth. In theory, our viewer is a webpage that is embeddable in any native-code-controlled webview. However, we currently use a few undocummented methods to communicate with the viewer from outside the webview that would probably be necessary for you to attain a good UX.

Those will be documented eventually — hopefully in the coming month or so — once our own app has been released and the API has stabilised.

Until then you can always embed an /embed URI and use the internal controls to trigger vr.


-- Arthur J
Web @ Sketchfab

(Rlinan) #4

Thanks for the response. I really appreciate it! Good job!