Embeded Viewer Turntable Help


(Martinoa) #1

Is there a way to have the fixed directional dynamic lighting in my model rotate with the model in the embedded viewer when it's on the turntable?

Right now the model rotates separate from the lighting so the shadows are changing as it rotates. I want to keep the 45 degree shadows where they are on my model as it rotates on the turntable.

Thanks for the help


I thought it would work with Attached to Camera disabled, but I guess not because autospin rotates the model, not the camera.

@stephomi should detached cameras move with the model in autospin?


(Stephomi) #3

Indeed, the autospin moves the model.

Ideally, a light could be attached to :
- the scene
- the model
- the environment
- the camera
- (actually it could also be attached to a sub-part of a model, for example if the model is animated...)

Currently, a light can only be attached to the camera or to the scene.
I don't know yet if we have plan to improve that.