Emisson texture not showing as it does within Substance Painter

(Toby Christmas) #1

Sorry, I'm new to texturing my models, but I recently used Substance Painter to create a texture for a desk model. The problem is that I tried to create an emissive effect with the texture.

This is what it looked like within Substance Painter

This is how it looks like when rendered in Maya and Sketch Fab

Does anyone know how to make the effect closer to that of the 1st image?

(Simon Kratz) #2

Hi @TobyChristmas,
can you show us the emission texture? Does it look more like your first image or like your second one?
My first (wild) guess is that this emission might be generated using an alpha channel in painter.
And Sketchfab and Maya might discard it and interpret all of the pixels based on luminance (without taking alpha into consideration).

(Stephomi) #3

@TobyChristmas We currently don't use the alpha channel of the emissive.

Could you try using the https://sketchfab.com/exporters/substance (natively integrated so no need to install a plugin) to see if it fixes the issue?

It's possible that the exporter will premultiply the emissive texture (which should give you a better result).

(Simon Kratz) #4

If stephomi's suggestion doesn't work for you you can also do this manually in Photoshop.

(Toby Christmas) #5

Thank you guys for the quick response.
Stephomi's suggestion worked, never knew Sketch Fab was intergrated into the software.
Thanks again,

(Toby Christmas) #6

Hey, here is the main emisson texture. I managed to get it working in Sketch fab but unure how to do it in maya. Sorry I'm really new to texturing.

(Simon Kratz) #7

Nice you got it done! :smile:
I think the easiest way for a generic solution would be :
1. Open tge texture in photoshop (or a similar program)
2. Copy the alpha channel and paste it as a layer on top of your image.
3. Set the blending mode of the alpha channel layer to multiply or darken.

That way your alpha masked emission gets converted to a pure luminance based emission.

(JER3D) #8

Thanks for your help :smile:

It also work by adding a black background apparently.