Empire strike back « I am your father, Nooooooo» (annotated scene)

(Joff3d) #1


Im so enjoy to start this great contest star wars contest,
I choose the famous scene of Empire strikes Back, "I am your father Noooo" annotated scenes.

(Bart) #2

Thanks for joining @joff3d! Enjoy :smile:

(Joff3d) #3

environment inside cloud city, footbridge and platform

(Joff3d) #4

Design Low Poly Vador and Luke

(Joff3d) #5

Luke Pose and skeleton set

(Joff3d) #6

Luke in environment with color texture

(Joff3d) #7

Ok, final scene ready, but its not good, bug export with unity and sketchfab,
the texture repeat uv not match i dont say why exactly,
i used the plugin sketchfab exporter in unity ( 5.3.0f4) and i exported all assets.
A part of textures exported, not all, and repeat uv ( offset 12x, 14y in unity) not ready.
Finally, i replaced texture repeat with only color texture..its not the same...

(Joff3d) #8

Empire Strikes Back - Iamyourfatherscene .... by Joff3D on Sketchfab