Enable PBR renderer through API

(Siets) #1

Hi, wondering if anyone knows of a way to set the renderer to PBR mode through the API.

I'm interested in this because I'm working on an automated model generation process in which a STL file is uploaded. Afterwards the material properties are set using the viewer API.
This all works very nice, only thing is that the default renderer is "classic". The PBR renderer is needed for the particular materials and I cannot find how to set it thought the API.

Any other way to get the renderer in PBR mode without human interaction is also acceptable.



It is possible, but it's undocumented and this part of the API is quite unstable.

I'll sending you a PM to discuss.

(Klaasnienhuis) #3

Hi @james, I'd also be interested in hearing how to switch to the pbr renderer programmatically