Enabling/disabling layers using Model inspector 'Scene'

The ‘scene’ feature of the model inspector experiment (https://labs.sketchfab.com/experiments/model-inspector/index.html?urlid=457b8ad17f264f7fad1ea1ee08716a55) allows you to turn layers on and off to look at different parts of the model.

Is there a way to enable this in the published version of the model so viewers can use the model inspector to do the same?

I am aware this may be possible with the Viewer API, but my model has quite a few layers and the list format of ‘scenes’ would be simpler. I’m also aware that you can paste any urlid into the model inspector experiment, but would rather not have to direct my viewers to do this.


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Is there any updates for this?

Hi there - sorry for the lack of reply :sweat_smile:

There is no option to enable an editable scene view for a publisihed 3D model outside of using the Sketchfab API.