[ENDED] Monthly 3D Scanning Challenge: Horn of Plenty / #3DScanFruitVeg


Please use this thread to post your submissions to the challenge (remember to tag with #3DScanFruitVeg) or ask fro help and tips with making a scan of fruit or veg.
~ nebulouslynn :slight_smile:

Not sure what I’m talking about? Check out the full challenge details on the Sketchfab Blog:


Well I’m going to scan an orange, since I’m from Valencia, Spain, and that’s the “local fruit” :slight_smile:


I’ll pay a visit to my local fruitstore and pick something exotic that I’ve never had before :slight_smile: I’ll keep you guys posted!


Scanned wire basket of apples, testing speed, loss of subject and metal scanning.

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Awesome - I like the personal connection!

I’ll have to think about what is local for me… maybe an apple??

As a rough guide on what we’re hoping for, I made this scan of a “custard apple” with 50 images run through PhotoScan:

…and the same run through Autodesk ReMake:

I´m from Brasil, so whats better then Bananas !?

Quite a challenge though.


Ill do a celery. lets see if anyone knows what that is :slight_smile:


Great topic! I’m going to go for a butternut squash, pretty popular here in NYC in winter :slight_smile:

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Question: Are we limited to one entry?

Of course we do :slight_smile:


I would love to take on the challenge. I’m just not sure what fruit I’m want to 3D scan.
An Apple is a local fruit here in the Netherlands.:green_apple: But something like grapes looks more challenging or some exotic fruit with odd shapes.

What do you guys like to see 3D scanned? :smiley:

Nope! Scan a whole horn of food items yourself, if you feel ambitious enough!

Grapes would be great! :grapes:

I was thinking to scan some fine Danish potatoes, but then came across this weird thing (called Kiwano):

Will try to scan its insides as well :slight_smile:


the root of your cats favorite: https://skfb.ly/ZopD


what about some mushrooms? ill do that.

Cool. I’ll look for some grapes juicy grapes than:grapes:

I might try a:pineapple: pineapple too. Love the shape and structure.

Wowza :scream: great find!